Pregnant News Anchor Shuts Down Body-Shamers With The Best Comeback Ever

Pregnancy may be one of life's miracles, but for many women, it's a rough ride. You gain all this weight. You climb aboard a nine-month emotional rollercoaster. And you've got to figure out how to make impending motherhood work with the rest of your life — no small feat. So the very last thing a pregnant lady needs is people weighing in on her physique. Come to think of it, that's the last thing that any woman ever needs. (But especially not while she's growing another human inside her belly like a boss.)

And, yet, pregnancy is so often the time when people say weirdly inappropriate things to women about their weight. Australian anchor Sarah Harris of Studio 10 recently addressed comments about a published photo of her casually strolling down a street. "I made the mistake of reading the comments," Harris said on the air of the images, which were published by the Daily Mail. "Some of them were just revolting, having a go at how huge I am, how fat I am, how ugly I am."

"When you're pregnant, you do feel very vulnerable and self-conscious about your body," she added. But Harris decided that she wasn't going to let what strangers were saying online get to her. "I thought, You know what? Bugger it — I'm growing a baby. This is me, and this is how I get around," she said.

To which we say: Way to go. Congrats to this mama-to-be for ignoring the crappy comments from body-shaming trolls. "I'm kind of fed up with the body-shaming that happens when you're pregnant, and then the pressure that comes afterward to lose the baby weight," Harris added.

"On behalf of all of the pregnant women out there who might be feeling a little bit chubby and a bit flabby," Harris continues, "I want to say to the haters: Get stuffed!" Watch Harris address said haters below.

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