How To Get A Super Cheap Chipotle Burrito On Halloween

Photo: Courtesy of Chipotle.
It's only October, but we're already in full-fledged Halloween mode. And so, is Chipotle, apparently. The brand announced today that its annual Halloween Boorito deal is ON. According to a press release, this Halloween you can can get your hands on a $3 burrito, salad, or burrito bowl (the perfect precursor to a night filled with candy.) However, like every year, there's a catch. First, you have to dress up to get in on the deal — and then you have to add a little something extra. The explanation provided in the press release is rather confusing: "Chipotle is asking Boorito participants to add an unnecessary addition to their costumes in order to redeem the $3 Boorito offer. This twist on the costume guidelines supports the company’s larger vision of serving only the highest quality ingredients versus the complex array of unnecessary additives and preservatives that are typically found in fast food." Okay... So, you'll have to work a little harder for that cheaper burrito this year, but we're still game, especially since we tend to spend $12-$14 every time we head to the chain. If you want to really commit and wear something Chipotle-themed, check out the adorable baby below for inspiration.

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