8 Times The Gilmore Girls Were Actually The Worst

While TV has recently been overrun with characters you love to hate, settling in to the sounds of Carole King for a Gilmore Girls marathon pretty much equals a lovefest for the two Lorelais.
As a teen, you wanted a mom as cool as the elder Lorelai. You also wanted to posses the same bookish charm as Rory. These two have S.O.s who adore them and friends who'd do anything for them. Plus, they earn the kind of general affection from friendly townsfolk that seems more supernatural than anything on Buffy.

But, in spite of their glowing reps, the titular girls are often far from model citizens. In the early seasons, Lorelai's childishness is jarring next to Rory's maturity. In the later ones, Rory seems to think she's done enough good deeds to earn her the right to stomp all over multiple relationships, romantic and platonic. Here are some of their most problematic moments.

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