All The Lies TV Tells Us About Office Romances

Ugh, office romances. Your heart says yes, your head says no, and your life coach says no, no, no, NO. And yet, we can't really judge. After all, TV has manipulated us into thinking that the Jim to your Pam is sitting two cubicles over. Your banter with your boss has got you fantasizing about Josh-and-Donna scenarios. The lusty doctors on Grey's Anatomy are too busy having sex on gurneys to do something as mundane as, say, talk to HR about their inappropriate relationships.
On the other hand, you work so much that dating a coworker sometimes seems like the only way to ward off celibacy (it's not, but you do you). Just promise us this: Before you leap onto your desk with that cutie from accounting, observe these warnings inspired by some of TV's most famous, not-too-realistic office romances. Also, watch out for staplers. And maybe a sexual-harassment seminar wouldn't go amiss.

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