Ellen Page Chokes Up Talking About Coming Out With Stephen Colbert

Guys, Stephen Colbert has gone all Barbara Walters/Oprah Winfrey on us. Though last night's Late Show guest, Ellen Page, didn't quite burst into tears, she was visibly choked up when discussing the response she's received since coming out last year. The Freeheld star, who recently made her first public appearance with girlfriend Samantha Thomas, got emotional when Colbert asked her if her role as an out lesbian and advocate for gay rights has ever felt like a "burden." "I feel so grateful for it," she responded, tearing up. "I feel so grateful to feel how I feel now, compared to [how I felt] when I was a closeted person. It's not a nice place to be." Before coming out, the actress confessed she was "sad." "[Staying in the closet] is toxic, and I wish that no one had to live that way," she added. Page also cited the two real-life heroes whose story is chronicled in her new drama opposite Julianne Moore. "'Incredible activists like Laurel and Stacie…it really changes minds, it touches people's hearts and makes it shift from seeing something as 'other' or 'different,' to of course realizing that we are all the same and all we're asking for is equality," she told Colbert. "[All we're asking for] is to grow up in a society that doesn't make us feel less than, doesn't make us feel shame." Nicely put, Ellen. Thanks for giving late-night TV a more serious, inspiring spin. Now, can we have a hug?

OPENER IMAGE: Gregory Pace/BeImages.

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