This Sweet Moment From Freeheld Will Tug On All Your Heartstrings

Image: Lionsgate Films.
We're eagerly anticipating Julianne Moore and Ellen Page's new film together, Freeheld. Based on the true story of a police lieutenant in New Jersey who fought for her partner to receive her pension after she was diagnosed with fatal lung cancer, this movie already has visions of Oscar gold dancing in our heads. If you haven't watched the trailer in full yet: Do it. But be forewarned, it will make you feel many feelings. As will this recently released clip showing the day the two women meet for the first time. There's a true tenderness and vulnerability to this moment that's relatable. Although, the only thing we couldn't stop thinking while watching this clip is how we wished Moore's character would put out the cigarette. It seems so obvious, it almost hurts. Another thing to keep in mind: This real life story from which Freeheld draws its plot, only took place about a decade ago. Hopefully, this film will help continue to bring attention and empathy to an important cause.

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