In Which Leonardo DiCaprio Battles A Bear

Photo: Picture Perfect/REX USA.
Leonardo DiCaprio's quest for Oscar glory has led him to extremes. Here he is in the new trailer for The Revenant fighting off a bear, crawling out of a grave, and gnawing on some really fresh fish. Look, Leo has endured stuff in the past — the ice cold waters of the Atlantic, Jonah Hill's prosthetic penis — but this looks grueling.

In the film, which is directed by Birdman's Alejandro González Iñárritu and "inspired by true events," DiCaprio plays frontiersman Hugh Glass. Glass has a rough go of it, especially after his callous compatriot John Fitzgerald (a growling Tom Hardy) basically buries him alive. From there the trailer indicates it's basically bison and waterfalls and battles, oh my.

As intense as the movie looks — and, boy, it looks intense — the production seemed to match that. According to The Hollywood Reporter, one described it as "a living hell." The final product, which uses only natural light, does looks visually arresting.

Watching the trailer you'll see why DiCaprio was sporting the mountain man look for so long. If you're a little sad that he's done away with that, this will comfort you in the memory of what was. But will it get DiCaprio the trophy he's been chasing for so many years now? That remains to be seen.

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