This Photo Series Shows The Ever-Changing Hair Of Millennials

Photo: Courtesy of Tara Bogart.
As much as we may roll our eyes at the (mostly) negative stereotypes about millennials — we're lazy, we're entitled, we'll never be homeowners — there is one assumption that holds true: We get bored easily. We're programmed to switch things up, and that often includes our hair.

Photographer Tara Bogart set out to document our ever-changing locks with her new photo series, "A Modern Hair Study." Inspired by Nadar's 19th-century photograph of a young woman viewed from behind, she began in France in 2011 and continued on to the U.S., taking pictures of women in their 20s. The main difference between Nadar's original and Bogart's recreations? The hairstyles.

"There are so many more choices and options. What I love is that the women are all so different," Bogart tells Refinery29. "From the tattoos and ear gauges, to tan lines and indentations of undergarments, all of these women have their own unique beauty — and they are signifiers of our times."

Ahead, Bogart shares her favorite photos from the series, along with why she loves them. And if you're in the New York City area this month, check out her exhibit at the Elizabeth Houston Gallery.

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