14 Movies With The Classic Girl-Removes-Glasses-&-Is-Suddenly-Beautiful Moment

You know how it goes: Boy meets girl, girl wears glasses, boy inspires girl to take off glasses, and true love conquers all. Or something along those lines.
The truth is, we’ve seen more than our fair share of makeover movies — or more specifically, movies where the complete redoing of a woman sparks an (arguably unworthy) man’s interest. Some are well-intentioned, others are satirical, and a few are downright upsetting. But despite the controversy surrounding this theme, these types of films have spanned decades, and continue to root themselves in our pop culture landscape. Speaking of which, TV titan Ryan Murphy took on the trope on in Tuesday night's Scream Queens — witness Hester's (Lea Michele) magical transformation.
So here’s our roundup of 14 movies, including one in which a young woman is suddenly beautiful because she takes off her falafel hat. Or, if she’s a secondary character, she finds true love after finding eyeliner. Click ahead for more savory tales.

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