Azealia Banks Threatens Fan In Strange Instagram Outburst

Photo: Richard Isaac/Rex/REX USA
Another day, another homophobic rant from Azealia Banks. That may be how fans of the rapper are starting to feel since it's something that all too often seems to be happening. Days after a video of Banks calling a flight attendant a "fucking faggot" surfaced, she posted an inspirational quote to Instagram that featured the words: "Sometimes I just want someone to hug me and say 'I know it's hard. You're going to be okay. Here's a coffee. And 5 million dollars.'" Banks later commented on her own post, writing, "I have never felt the pain of not being white the way I've felt it since I've been a public figure/part of this entertainment industry."
This led to one fan with the handle @a_sanctuary_found to ask, "'Imagine the pain young gay fans feel when they hear the vile things you say." Not long after, The Guardian reports, Banks responded, "oh well imagine how I wanna spray a gay man in the face with pepper spray everytime he calls me a bitch a slut or a hoe. Kiss my ass. Goodnight." Banks did not stop there though. After the confused fan asked why she would say something so mean, she wrote back, "Keep fucking with me if you fucking want to," adding, "One day your hemmroids (sic) are going to burst and you'll bleed to death bitch. " Banks' last message to the commenter went even further, stating, "Yea keep trolling for dick on grindr. You'll be murdered and stuffed under a truck somewhere soon." This last comment has since been deleted, but the previous three are still visible on her page. Those waiting for an apology from Banks though may never get one. She hasn't been one to show remorse for her homophobic statements. Case in point, she recently responded to the plane controversy by tweeting that the attendant was "throwing shade" at her because she was a black woman, writing, "yall KNOW, that they would've politely handed a white woman her bags and a spritzer."

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