Martha Stewart Shows Us How The Feline 1% Lives

Martha Stewart has inspired/been the source of envy for anyone who's ever wanted to have an unfathomably refined and well-kept kitchen or bathroom or bedroom or patio. The woman is basically a human Pinterest board. Now, Stewart has upped the fancy ante by showing fans how her cats live. And, honestly, it's as cushy as you'd expect.

In a recent blog post — titled "An Update on My Beautiful Cats" — Stewart shares photos of her posh felines, a seal-point Himalayan named Bartok and two calico Persians named Princess Peony and Empress Tang. (Those are their real names. They may sound like the names you would make up for Martha Stewart's cats, but yes, they're real.)

Stewart assures her readers that her kitties are "enjoying the transition to the cooler autumn weather." It's kind of hard not to think about how these 1% felines are living a better life than you, especially when you see that they feast on buffets ("Each bowl has something different, and all the food is refreshed daily," Stewart writes), take morning walks "along the stone wall of [Stewart's] terrace parterre," and can rest in one of the "many" cat beds provided to them in their home.

You can take a look at the full gallery of Martha Stewart's cats here, and then wonder when it was your life took a turn that didn't include daily catered buffets from one of the best chefs ever and free range to wander around a sprawling, historic, celeb-filled estate.

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