Ryan Reynolds Tries To Build Ikea Crib, Has No Chill

Is there anything cuter than Ryan Reynolds? Science says no, and our hearts were inclined to agree — until we saw this super charming video of Reynolds trying (and failing) to assemble an Ikea crib.

The video reaffirms many things we've assumed about Reynolds, such as: He's the best thing from Canada ever, his arms are a gift from on high, and he is indeed a mortal who struggles with flat-pack furniture assemblage as much as the rest of us. "There's got to be over 100,000 pieces that came with it," he laments, over a beer.

In honor of these glorious 60+ seconds of winsome befuddlement, here are some more Ryan Reynolds moments to savor.

Here he is in a suit and tie, looking like the reason suits and ties were invented.

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Here's a painfully sexy drawing of Ryan that his wife, Blake Lively, shared on her Instagram account.

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Here he is hanging out with Dame Helen Mirren, because why wouldn't you want to see a picture of Ryan Reynolds getting buddy-buddy with Dame Helen Mirren?

Here he is with the world's sexiest beard and a 110-year-old turtle. Stop!
And, in case you're not crying yet, here's a pic of Ryan holding his baby girl's tiny baby hand. Done. Dead.

(h/t Harper's Bazaar.)

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