Anne Hathaway Can't Even When Mariah Carey Shows Up On The Red Carpet

Anne Hathaway is not too cool to be awed in the presence of a legitimate diva. She proved as much at a New York screening her new film The Intern on Monday night, when Mariah Carey appeared right behind her on the red carpet. The video of her gushing about it is, in a word, the best.

When Hathaway realized Carey was near, she couldn't help telling a reporter, "She's at my movie premiere! I mean, it's [Robert De Niro's] movie premiere more than mine but... Oh my god!"

It's pretty much exactly what we would say if Hathaway showed up at our birthday party or something. She told the reporter she's never met Carey and that she was "freaking out" about how close they stood to the singer.

"It's just the best, glamorous, ever. That's not even a sentence, there's no grammar there," Hathaway said, poking fun at herself with a laugh. "I went to college. I didn't graduate." It's not easy to find the right words when you're standing so close to greatness.

No word yet on whether the pair actually met that night, but even if they didn't, we suspect a co-starring turn of some sort will be in the works soon enough. Watch the interview below.

OPENER IMAGE: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages.

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