How To Find A Roommate Like An Adult

Finding a roommate can be one of the most stressful parts of becoming a rent-paying adult. All you have to do is watch the trailer for Single White Female to seriously consider a cramped, overpriced studio. But roommates, for many city-dwelling twentysomethings, are an inescapable reality. So, the best you can do is find a person you might want to join for a Netflix binge. Or, at the very least, score a roomie who won't let the dishes become a scary, leaning tower of gross. Society of Grownups, a Massachusetts-based group which provides classes and web tools to help you develop skills like money management and cooking, has created an infographic detailing what you should consider before inviting someone to co-sign the lease. The handy tool takes into account everything from your feelings on chore wheels to frequent sleepovers. Check it out below and maybe jot a few notes. See, making adult decisions doesn't have to be that hard!
Photo: Courtesy of Society of Grownups.
OPENER IMAGE: Bek Anderson.

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