Jimmy Fallon Parodies Empire's Lucious Lyon On The Tonight Show

Photo: NBC Universal.
We found our new favorite fall show, and it wasn't even on our pop culture radar until about 20 minutes ago. Tonight, Jimmy Fallon starred in a hilarious 10-minute sketch called Jimpire — the greatest Empire parody ever.

In this alternate version of the show, it's Fallon's empire at stake. If you watched the show, the scenes will feel familiar. Fallon's Lucious Lyon is absolutely uncanny, right down to the purple paisley silk neck scarf and the buttery, smooth-talking voice. No seriously, it's an Oscar-worthy performance — if you watched the sketch blindfolded, you'd have a hard time believing that's not the Terrence Howard on the screen.

Less believable, but equally entertaining, was Steve Higgins as breakout fan-favorite Cookie. If that mental picture's not computing for you, watch him deliver some of Taraji P. Henson's best lines (and, um, assets) with a certain... masculine panache. And, spoiler alert, there are a couple of very special (if not obvious) cameos — plus one you definitely did not see coming.
Photo: NBC Universal.

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