The New One Direction Album Is Highly Likely To Light Up Your Life

The boys are back — and they've got some great news.

Today, the (remaining) members of One Direction made a major announcement: They'll be dropping a new album in November, titled Made In The A.M. If you decide to pre-order the record today, you can also hear a bonus track the band recorded, "Infinity," as an added feature.

For serious fans, it might be worth it — otherwise you'll just have to be patient until this, the band's fifth album, officially drops on November 13. We think you'll agree when we say: that sounds unpleasantly far away.

Also, not to alarm you, but just as a reminder... 1D's days are numbered. The band will reportedly be going on hiatus in 2016, with no immediate plans to promote the album on tour next year.

To think, only a year ago we going about our business and not worrying that Zayn Malik would break up with the band and set off this disastrous domino effect. Now is the time to channel energy into hoping the remaining guys will change their minds and stay together forever to please fans across the globe.

Le sigh. If anyone needs us, we'll be watching the "Drag Me Down" video on repeat for the interminable future.

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