The Late Show Doubled Up On Hosts Last Night

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Last night The Late Show was a clash of old and new: Trevor Noah popped by to talk to Colbert about his upcoming takeover of The Daily Show on September 28. America is still getting to know the replacement for Jon Stewart, but from the sound(bites) of things, he's going to be worth tuning into every night.

The segment kicked off with a little current host discusses former host with new host action. Colbert prompted Noah to share some of the advice that Stewart bequeathed him upon handing over the Comedy Central series. "The main thing Jon said to me is trust your discomforts," the 31-year-old said. "If you feel uncomfortable, that's the way you should be going."

So that's what's been governing Stewart's brilliance all this time? We should have guessed.

Colbert also dove a little further into Trevor Noah's psyche — and personal history. The South African comedian has been in the funny business for about ten years, according to his own estimates. That means most of his kidding around about political issues came after the government loosed up a little.

"1990 is when it tipped over," he said. "That's when it went from 'jail' to 'okay that's a joke'," he said. "You'd get arrested for that, if you made the jokes about the government or what was happening."

We're looking forward to him being a band leader for things to complain about on The Daily Show — and the quick impression Noah did of all the GOP candidates was spot on, so we're looking forward to an entire election season of those. It's also just a much more efficient way to watch the three-hour debates.

Noah also told Colbert that — because he can't vote — covering American politics is a little like watching sports when you don't have a team. "You can enjoy it. People are like 'pass the ball, pass the ball.' I'm like: Hold on to the ball. I don't care." Roger that. Watch the episode in its entirety here.

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