Kristen Stewart Hates Her “Unapproachable” Image

Kristen Stewart has a reputation for not smiling, and coming across as moody and above it all. It's annoying to us because, well, when's the last time Sean Penn or some other male celebrity got pestered about his resting bitch face? It's annoying to Stewart because she swears she's not like that at all. Stewart opened up about her secret life as an "over-sharer" (who knew?) in a candid interview with Vanity Fair's Krista Smith at the Toronto International Film Festival. Given that her new film Equals is about stifling human emotions, the question about Stewart's own unemotional image made sense. "When I hear that people are intimidated or they think that I'm reposed or unapproachable or something, I hate it," she admitted, laughing. "I'm always like, 'Dude, come up and say anything to me, I would love to engage with you.'" The actress went on to explain that her "guarded" reputation stems from her awkwardness over superficial interactions. "Anybody who might perceive me as guarded in a given context, typically speaking, it would be a really superficial, fleeting interview that means nothing to me, therefore I cannot fully invest myself in it because it would be a lie," she said. "I'm actually working against myself in this weird way. It comes across as the opposite. Really what I'm dying to do as an actor and as a person all the time is to reveal myself... I just have this really strong aversion to feeling subject to something that doesn't feel real to me. Then all of a sudden I get weird and put off this opposite thing." Fair enough. KStew's just misunderstood. Can we get off her back now? Watch the full interview below.

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