Tobey Maguire Schooled Jimmy Kimmel In Your Favorite Childhood Game

Photo: Variety/REX USA.
What else does Tobey Maguire have to do on a Wednesday night than play a friendly game of Connect Four with Jimmy Kimmel? Turns out, not a lot. The actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to promote Pawn Sacrifice, his new movie about American chess champion Bobby Fischer. (Amazingly, Maguire said the film was in the making for about 10 years.) But instead of testing his chess skills, Kimmel decided to go a more kids'-table route: "What about a real man's game?" he said. "For instance, Connect Four. Would you like to take me on?" So, the duo bet $100 on the game and went at it, with Maguire ultimately schooling Kimmel, who didn't even realize he'd been beaten. "It's not a great sign when I don't even know that I've lost," he joked. Placing bets also happens to hit pretty close to home for Maguire, and Kimmel had no qualms about bringing up a controversial part of the actor's past. If you recall, Maguire was involved in a high-stakes, underground poker ring with the likes of Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio. "I filed all my tax returns, I swear," he responded when Kimmel brought it up. Whatever you say, Tobey.

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