This Is What It Looks Like When Disney Princesses Get Instagram

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if Disney princesses had Instagram? Wonder no more, an imaginative Italian artist Simona Bonafini (what a romantic sounding name, right?) asked herself the same question and illustrated some beautiful Insta-looks for some of our favorite fictional princesses. Her take on Snow White goes back to old school Disney animation, nailing both Snow and the wicked queen's costumes.
She imagines Elsa and Anna from Frozen doing an adorable double-selfie, of course.
And her Cinderella selfie is all about those shoes.
And sweet, innocent Belle from Beauty & the Beast picks up a book with the best of intentions...
It's everything we imagined and more! See more of Bonafini's Selfie Fables on her website and her Facebook page, including hilarious Hercules and Gaston hardbody selfies and a sweet one of Wendy and the whole Peter Pan gang.

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