What Is Ariana Grande Getting At With These Cryptic Tweets?

Photo: Masatoshi Okauchi/Rex/REX USA.
Wednesday night, Ariana Grande sent some tweets out into the world telling her fans that something exciting is coming in the near future, a.k.a. next month.

What could it be? Well, probably a new album. But it looks like she's going to string out the actual announcement for as long as possible, dropping veiled, metaphoric references on Twitter in the meantime.

"Babies i'm so excited for the nearby future... (also embracing and loving the present)... but I'm really effing excited for the near future," she shared, as though a crystal ball had revealed some incredible but sort of vague news to her. "Personally...... I consider October 'nearby future," she wrote later.

"I am not teasing!!!" she went on in another tweet, after fans started pressing her for details. "I promised y'all I would always tell you as much as I could as soon as I could, only cause I love you like I do." Many emoticons โ€” specifically of the devil and angel persuasions โ€” were utilized in the building of this social media mystery.

Last but not least, she left fans this bizarre little Twitter gem (and then promptly deleted it later): "But yes .... the [moon emoticon] festivities begin in October. now enough tea!!! I hope your lil tummies are full for now! more brewing."

We get it โ€” enough teasing โ€” but the "lil tummies" thing rings a little overly cutesy, even for Grande. What is happening here?

Is the "Break Free" singer going to dance naked with the devil in the pale moonlight? Is she hosting a fancy tea and cookies party? We can dream, but probably not. This seems like cryptic buildup to a new album for which she's artfully generating anticipation.

October is the near future, though โ€” so we'll find out soon enough.

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