Is Justin Bieber Sending Subliminal Messages To Selena Gomez?

For someone whose latest hit is all about mixed messages, Justin Bieber doesn't seem to mind sending out a few of his own. Some keen-eyed fans, armed with a lot of time, have discovered two of them in the videos for "Where Are U Now" and "What Do You Mean." The name "Selena" appears written on the walls in both, MTV News points out. The question naturally follows: Is Bieber intentionally directing his songs to ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez? Err, that's tough to say. The animated graffiti-like artwork in last month's "Where Are U Now" was clearly all written by other people, and is only really legible when you watch it frame by frame. So along with messages like "Heroine [sic] is cool," you have "Where R Now, Selena." Whether Bieber wrote or even saw all of that writing and approved it depends on how much he was in the editing room. Then, there is the possibly rape-y ode to male confusion in "What Do You Mean." In the indoor skate park where Bieber and his model friend land after being fake-kidnapped by John Leguizamo, Selena's name is spray-painted on the wall.
Again, you can't see this without a lot of freeze-framing, but it would have been glaringly obvious to anyone shooting a video in front of it all day long. This is certainly more subtle than Justin Timberlake casting a Britney lookalike for "Cry Me a River." People are already reading into Bieber's actions, after he broke down in tears during his recent VMA performance. Is this all a cry out from a heartbroken lad? Is it wrong that we kind of hope the answer is yes?

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