23 Photos That Tell The Story Of A Home Birth, As Documented By The Father-To-Be

Brazilian photographer Gustavo Gomes aims to capture life, in all its nuanced delicacy, whenever he gets behind the camera. His latest project, The Childbirth, is arguably the most intimate example of his mission. Upon learning that his girlfriend, Priscila, was pregnant, he knew he wanted to document the entirety of this chapter in their lives, which culminated in a natural birth in their own home. The images are tender, candid, and, above all, they echo the love and comfort between Priscila, Gustavo, and their newborn daughter.
You may notice that a key moment is missing in Gomes' series — the actual point in time when his daughter was born. When asked about this, Gomes reminds us that he had two roles to play when Priscila went into labor: those of a photographer and of a father. "When she, Violeta, [was] about to come out, I quit my role of a photographer and sat on the floor alongside the doctor to be the first to grab her," Gomes explains. He adds, with all the pride of a new father, that he "was too thrilled and involved to photograph then."
Click through to see Priscila carry Violeta to term and read about Gomes' process in his own words.

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