15 Pieces Of Pop Culture We Actually Liked This Summer

Look, there are plenty of things that happened this summer that we'd rather forget about. But that doesn't mean that the season was a complete wasteland.
In fact, there were plenty of pop cultural treasures to savor during this year's warmer months. Some were not exactly cozy, however. Mr. Robot took us into a disturbing hacker universe. As the Bachelorette frustratingly slut-shamed Kaitlyn Bristowe, UnREAL looked (fictionally) behind the scenes to reveal the messed up psyches of the types of people who do that shaming.
Those shows were total downers — chilly anedotes to the heat — but there was also plenty that warmed our hearts (Inside Out! Bing Bong!) and made us cackle with glee (Trainwreck! Wet Hot American Summer!) We relished Taylor Swift's special guests and still laughed with the people who made fun of the randomness of said guests. We cheered for Serena Williams.
Now that we're all set to head into fall and are excited for the movies and TV to come, we're a little wistful. Before pulling out our sweaters, let's remember some of the good of what summer had to offer.

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