10 Films That Will Make You Want To Avoid Love At All Costs

Some sweeping romances will have you hightailing it to your local bar, sure you're just one hard cider away from meeting the one. These movies brew up that perfect combination of meaningful glances and monologues of undying devotion: Titanic, Moulin Rogue, the first 10 minutes of Up.

Then there are movies that make you want to delete Tinder. And cancel that blind date your friend set you up on. And possibly join a convent. These movies make it clear that love is an unwavering path to destruction and heartbreak (even if you reach that destination with perfect clothes and hair). You could argue that these fictional accounts of love have no real baring on your own relationships. But when even Hollywood depictions of love go so horribly awry, what hope is there for the rest of us? Ahead, 10 movies that made us want to turn our backs on romance — and run for the hills.

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