The Inspiring Way Demi Lovato Psychs Herself Up Before A Show

Photo: Craig Greenhill / Newspix/Rex/REX USA.
There are a handful of self-help mantras that have made their way into pop culture over the years. "Breathe" is certainly among them, as is "keep calm and carry on." But one especially resonant phrase emphatically silences the creeping self-doubt and loathing so many people experience on a daily basis. That phrase is: I am enough. "I am enough" means being comfortable with your body, with what you have achieved — and with what you haven't. It means accepting who you are without caveats. It means rising to the bar you've set for yourself instead of conforming to the outlandish expectations of others. It translates to a confession of self-acceptance, and it's something we could all stand to say to ourselves more often. It's also what Demi Lovato said to herself before going onstage at the VMAs last night. And we're not going to lie: It made us just a little bit teary. You go, girl. You are absolutely enough.

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