Good News Worriers, You’re Probably A Creative Genius

Photo: AMC
You were told nothing good would ever come of your worrying. Well, hooray, over-analyzers, the day has come. Thanks to a recent study, there's now science to back up the fact that constant worrying, a.k.a. self-generated thought, can lead to higher creativity. Hear us out: If you're obsessing over a threat that isn't there (And let's face it: If you're a worrier, when aren't you doing this?), you might be able to unlock a creative solution — rather than just more unhelpful neurotic thoughts. How did you win this genetic lottery, you ask? Your amygdala, which is the part of your brain that governs emotion. It is responsible for both your creative genius and your sooner-than-average panicked thoughts. While being prone to fear doesn't exactly sound like a good thing, Forbes reports that it could help you dream up any number of things, thus freeing your creativity. Measure your personality with the 50 question test by the study's author using the code 92556379.

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