Finally, A Carl’s Jr. Ad That Isn’t Totally Demeaning To Women

If you've never happened upon a Carl's Jr. commercial, allow us to enlighten you. The ads typically feature a bombshell like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, or Kate Upton slowly deep-throating a cheeseburger while stripping down. Like, are they selling onion rings, or push-up bras? Thankfully, Ronda Rousey is here to help the fast food joint take a different, less pornographic take. Though the cleavage factor is high and Rousey's devouring of a breakfast sandwich is presented in a rather lascivious manner, we at least get to see the UFC fighter kick some butt. She's not a sexbot; she's a strong warrior princess. And that, friends, is infinitely sexier than straddling a convertible while licking the ketchup of your lips. Of course, the campaign's #EatItLikeYouMeanIt tagline is pretty open to interpretation. You just know the copy writing team had fun with that one.

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