How Many Millennials Actually Orgasm During Sex & Other Sexy Stats

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Although it's been found that their parents probably had more of it than them, millennials still most definitely have sex. What's more, they have sex in public, at the beach (why?!), in the shower, and, for a funny 25% of them, in the laundry room. Skyn Condoms deemed it their scientific duty to survey the ins and outs of how millennials have sex, and while some of their findings make perfect sense, others are truly surprising. Related: Sexting May Help You Have Better Sex In Real Life Let's get the obvious out of the way up front. The women surveyed chose Adam Levine as their number one celebrity crush — he narrowly beat out Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling. One guess as to what famous female the men (who responded to a condom company's survey) wanted to go home with the most? Yes, it was Megan Fox. Truly shocking. Related: The Top Sex Positions In Countries Around The World

Going a little deeper, however, brings up some far more interesting figures. For one, a staggering 93% of millennials admitted to orgasming at least once during sex, although slightly more men (97%) than women (89%) made this claim. The best news (in our opinion) to come from this survey is that, apparently, your sex life is like a fine wine. As time goes on, it'll only get better, with 74% of 30- to 34-year-olds having sex once a week, compared to 64% of 18- to 24-year-olds. Click through to Shape for the full breakdown of how the second lost generation gets down. (Shape) Related: When To Stop Seeing Other People & More Dating Tips

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