This Is What The VMAs Looked Like In 1995

This weekend, Miley Cyrus will host MTV's Video Music Awards. Things will be licked, twerking may or may not occur, and, based on this video, she might be wearing dolphin head pasties. Even if you're long past the point when your Sunday night entertainment could be found on MTV, you probably have some fond memories of VMAs gone by. But, not every year gave the world gifts like Madonna writhing on the stage in a wedding dress or Britney's snake.
Some, like the 1995 VMAs, just acted as a simple pop culture time capsule. Smack in the middle of the internet's most beloved decade, it had nearly everything we associate with '90s music. It featured a little grunge, a little Green Day that hipsters still love, and a girl group with better moves than any boy band. Allow the kids to have their Cyrus fun. Then they might not mock you for your old Hootie & The Blowfish CD.

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