The Extreme-Milkshakes Trend Just Completely Imploded

The milkshake game in Australia is blowing up. The popular sweet creations look like they've exploded the contents of a candy shop or bakery. Milkshakes in behemoth mugs are topped with gummy worms, doughnuts, caramel corn, candy floss — seemingly nothing is off-limits. So, Sydney, Australia-based photographer Alana Dimou decided to send up the trend in the most hilarious way possible, topping the frozen treat with everything from hamburgers to an entire roast chicken.
When we asked Dimou what inspired her parody images, she explained over email:
I suppose I’m particularly interested in seeing food in new ways, so after being bombarded for weeks with photos of Sydney’s extreme milkshakes, imagery began to culminate in my mind until all I could see was a scene of comical excess people would want to Instagram. This project isn’t inspired so much by the milkshakes, but the frenzied response of everyone who must wait in line to attain and Instagram one.

Click through to see Dimou's monster milkshakes in action and check out our interview with her about the series. Prepare to never look at this dessert the same way again.

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