Why Would You Want To Drink Fat-Infused Water?

Photographed by Winnie Au.
First, he came for your coffee; now, he's back for your water. The most recent innovation from Dave Asprey, founder and champion of the Bulletproof lifestyle, is water infused with his very own variety of "Bulletproof XCT" coconut oil. It's FATwater, and supposedly it'll change your life. (But it probably won't actually make you bulletproof, sorry.) Related: Should You Ditch Your Sports Drinks? Asprey claims that the fats in FATwater cause your cells to process water more effectively and thus absorb more energy from every sip. Ideally, this would be a perfect pre- and post-workout beverage, right? Sure, but it doesn't quite work that way in practice, cardiologist Regina Druz, MD tells our friends over at Shape: "Fat requires a special transport system that requires energy to digest it — not only is it not giving you a boost of energy, but it requires energy to burn it off, so the energy claim doesn't really make sense, biologically speaking." Related: 5 Signs Of Dehydration — Besides The Color Of Your Pee So, even though the exact science behind FATwater doesn't pan out, we remain happily pro-fat — in all its forms. Sure, you might catch us throwing some grass-fed butter in our coffee (because that's just delicious), but for now, we'll be sticking with normal water. Click through to Shape for more on FATwater. (Shape) Related: 8 Infused Water Recipes To Upgrade Your H2O

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