How One Man Got Free Starbucks Every Day For A Year

Photo: Newscast/ REX Shutterstock.
Your morning coffee run can get pricey. But one man has outsmarted us all, discovering a way to guzzle a daily Starbucks drink while barely putting a dent in his wallet. Jezebel's Kitchenette recently posted a collection of restaurant horror stories from people working in the food industry. One barista, Brad Halsey, told the story of his most vexing customer. We'll call him the man with 365 gift cards.

Halsey explained: "He purchased 365 Starbucks cards and registered every one of them online with a different birthday so that he gets a 'free birthday drink' EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR." You might think the gift card wizard would be so happy with his hack that he'd pleasantly order a black coffee and be done with it. Nope. According to Halsey, he would ask for a marker and diagram the cup, so the barista could get his complicated concoction just right.

While we wish a manager had called this guy out on his scam, at least Halsey, and those of us shelling out $5 or more for our daily caffeine fix, can comfort ourselves with the knowledge that the man didn't really get all those drinks for free. He still had to pay at least $365 for the gift cards.

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