There’s A Drink That Could UTI-Proof Your Life

Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
College students everywhere, rejoice! You may have once chased your peach-flavored Rubinoff with cranberry juice, but, a new, much more promising mixer-with-preventative-benefits is on its way. Similar to Crystal Light for your urinary tract, Uqora is a powdered drink mix, which is formulated to prevent UTIs. When they aren't being misdiagnosed, UTIs actively disrupt your life, require antibiotics (and given how easily you can contract a UTI, antibiotic treatment can end up being excessive and have negative effects down the road), and, finally, they weaken your immunity against the next UTI you contract. By the time they hit their 30s, about half of all women will deal with a UTI, and yes, we mean deal with it. Unfortunately, all you really can do is begrudgingly take those antibiotics and wait for your urethra to stop screaming. They happen to more women than some, and it can be tough to pin down how and why they happen, but about 90% of all UTIs are thought to come from a sexual encounter or prolonged physical activity. This has led most folks to rely on a few simple preventative measures, though there's no guarantee they work. Enter Uqora, and its claim to lower your risk of getting a UTI within an hour of having sex. This is thanks to a powdered blend of vitamins and carbohydrates that encourage urination, boost your immunity, and, most importantly, prevent UTI-causing bacteria from clinging to the walls of your urethra. It goes without saying that a quick breakdown of this process will make for great pillow talk. Check out the video below for the full run-down on how Uqora works.

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