Zayn Malik & Calvin Harris Start Twitter War Over Taylor Swift

Photo: Erik Pendzich/REX USA
This must be how all great wars begin. Apropos of nothing, Zayn Malik retweeted someone today who took issue with how Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus handle business very differently. The tweet in question, from @FemaleTexts (see below), quotes both female singers on their opinions about the public purchasing their music. Where Miley says she's made her money and doesn't care if anyone buys her album, it pits that sentiment against Taylor's explanation for removing her music from Spotify. In case you forgot, Swift's decision was made amid streaming payment disagreements. The Tweeter noted that, "the difference is astounding" by way of commentary.
Enter Malik, whose retweet has been taken as an endorsement of the statement, which is pretty pro-Team Miley and anti-Team Taylor. That's when Taylor's boyfriend, fellow musician Calvin Harris, got involved.
Harris made it clear in his @ replies that he wasn't attacking Malik personally. What Harris took umbrage with, he explains in a series of tweets, is pitting two women with opposing goals against each other.
Malik's reply tweets to Harris read like he's just looking for a fight. He might be less concerned with being Team Miley or Team Taylor and more looking for a fight on Twitter for his own reasons.
Harris did manage to get in the last word and come off like the bigger man, finishing the war with a compliment for Malik.

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