10 Adorable TV Pets That Made You Want Your Own

For most non pet-owners, the idea of adopting a cat or dog is a vague vision of the future that surfaces occasionally. You might see a cute kitten in the window of a pet shop, or maybe one of those toilet paper commercials starring puppies, and suddenly you find yourself looking up shelter hours.

But not even the pups populating your Instagram feed are a more powerful source of pet envy than the adorable animals on your favorite TV shows. Every week, the fur balls make things a bit more interesting for characters who already lead pretty compelling lives. You might start to wonder, if you had a dog, would you have more meet cutes in the park? Would wacky adventures that don't spill into your next-day plans have a way of finding you? Felines and canines, animated and real, these are the creatures that make you seriously consider moving into a place that allows pets. Or, at the very least, swiping right on Tinder prospects who have one.

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