Stop Everything & Listen To This Lion King Cover

Photo: Courtesy Disney.
A cover song is nothing if not the musical version of the circle of life. If that cover song happens to be "The Circle of Life," well, things tend to get pretty meta.

Singer Sam Robson has breathed new life into the Elton John tune and Lion King classic by recording 21 separate a cappella tracks. Edited together, they create the impression of Robson singing every part at the same time. Someone get this guy a meeting with Julie Taymor.

"As a kid, I remember seeing The Lion King and being blown away by it," Robson writes on YouTube. "Many years later, I had the idea to arrange 'Circle of Life,' but bailed due to its challenging nature. However, five years on from my previous idea, I decided to give it one more push and I'm really happy that I did. Finally, I present to you my latest multitrack. With as many as 50 voices at one time, I have realized my vision of how I wanted this to sound like, and it's all thanks to the people that have supported me musically."

Wow. Simba would be impressed. (Cosmopolitan)

Video: Courtesy Sam Robson.

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