This Suction Cup For Your Clitoris Promises Better Sex In Minutes

Photographed By Alexandra Gavillet.
Are you ready for a suction cup designed for your clitoris? The makers of the Fiera Arouser For Her hope so. Beginning today, you can purchase the "small, fast-acting, hands-free" product and when it arrives in two months (the device is already on backorder due to high demand), stick it to your vulva and enjoy its one-of-kind combination of clit-stimulating vibration and blood-flow-increasing suction. And you thought that introducing a bullet to your foreplay was adventurous.
Photo: Courtesy Of Nuelle.
Using suction cups to increase blood flow to the genitals (and therefore sexual arousal) in women is nothing new, but the technique has been mostly confined to the professional treatment of women already diagnosed with sexual interest/arousal disorders. The Eros Clitoral Therapy Device, approved by the FDA in April 2000 for use in treating women with sexual dysfunction, is the reigning suction champion (although it does not vibrate). Flibanserin, the first drug created to boost women's sex drive by altering brain chemistry instead of hormone levels, may soon also receive FDA approval as a female sexual dysfunction treatment. While flibanserin has been dubbed the "female Viagra," Fiera's new device is, in fact, more deserving of the title, as both the Arouser For Her and Viagra work by upping blood flow to the genital area.
Fiera will retail for $299, but you can snag it for its $199 "introductory price" through September. The rechargeable device offers pattern and intensity settings, like any quality vibrator, and is meant to be used for the few minutes leading up to sex. Disclaimer: This potentially game-changing innovation does not mean your partner is off the hook re: foreplay. Think of the device as an extra tool in your sexual arsenal rather than a replacement for a good old-fashioned warm-up. Playtime just got a little more advanced.

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