10 Shows On Netflix That Will Make You Feel Smarter

Netflix marathons are usually seen as mindless escapes, but just because you're engaging in some binge watching doesn't mean you need to turn off your brain. Maybe you want to unwind by puzzling out a mystery, or memorize a few useful medical facts while you finish up some chores. There's plenty to learn from Netflix, even beyond Bill Nye.
Such as: witty sitcoms and wordy dramas that will train your brain to think faster, just so you can get the joke. And documentary series dedicated to getting you info in an entertaining way. And don't forget the British dramas (they don't really need to do anything except be British in order to feel educational).
Here are some titles streaming on Netflix that are guaranteed to make you a more valuable member of your trivia team. After all, this is a much more enjoyable way of prepping for a pub quiz than reading old Snapple caps.

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