Iggy Azalea Is Fighting With A Comic Book Twitter Feed

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages
This week in Twitter feuds, Iggy Azalea is throwing down with a Twitter feed covering, "news on comic books, movies, TV shows and all things #HYPE." Superhero Feed tweeted a Last Airbender themed insult at Azalea on August 10, tweeting, "'The Last Airbender' is to movies what Iggy Azalea is to music." Azalea wasn't about to let someone compare her songs to a movie at only 6% on Rotten Tomatoes, so after a fan stuck up for her, she chimed in with a lazy joke about stereotypical comic book fans, tweeting, "I think its another one of those jokes only middle aged men who get boners over comic book movies understand."
And the fight was on. Superhero Feed attacked her creativity, and she countered with her bulging bank account.
Azalea was careful to note in a subsequent tweet that she wasn't talking about all comic book fans, when a Twitter user pointed out she liked superhero movies and didn't fall into the demographic Azalea was trying to insult. Azalea clarified, "when was the part it was implied everyone who watches superhero films is middle aged? my joke was about the joke itself." Now Twitter must sit and wait for the next celebrity feud to erupt, preferably with plenty of hashtags.

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