Tennessee Movie Theater Shooter Was Using An Airsoft Gun

Photo: Mark Zaleski/AP Photo.
Update: Wednesday night, Nashville police confirmed the identity of the Tennessee shooter. His name is Vincente David Montano, and he is 29 (initial reports suggested 51). Further investigation has revealed that his firearm was actually an airsoft pistol capable of shooting BBs or pellets but not real bullets. According to Nashville Metro Police Department spokesperson Don Aaron, Montano suffered from significant mental-health issues and had been committed four times over the last 11 years. His record includes at least one arrest in Murfreesboro.
This story was published on August 5, 2015 at 5:45 p.m.

Less than two weeks after the tragic shooting at a Louisiana movie theater, another gunman has fired shots in a cinema, this time in Tennessee. The suspect entered the movie house around 3 p.m. Wednesday, sending bullets and pepper spray into the crowd of Mad Max moviegoers. He was killed by police while exchanging gunfire with a SWAT team, the AP reports. His name has not yet been released.

Nashville police said that the 51-year-old gunman entered a screening of Mad Max: Fury Road at a theater located in the suburb of Antioch. According to their account, he was armed with a hatchet, along with a gun and pepper spray, and was wearing a surgical mask — presumably to protect himself from being affected by the gas. Three people were reportedly harmed by the pepper spray and have been treated, and one of the victims had a superficial hatchet wound. No one in attendance required treatment at a hospital.

Only one person was actually shot during this rampage: the shooter himself, a spokesman for the Metro Nashville police, Don Aaron, told AP. The suspect also had a backpack or bag, Aaron said, which is being inspected. No other details are yet available.

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