The Taylor Swift/Harry Potter Mash-Up Of Your Dreams

You love Harry Potter. You love Taylor Swift. So, when you put 'em both together, that's just the stuff dreams are made of. Internet/musical genius Kate Parkin posted this video a few days ago, and it has gone appropriately viral. In it, the self-described Harry Potter superfan cleverly mashed up Taylor Swift songs and Harry Potter plot points. She harmonizes with herself in four parts, and the results might be even catchier than the original versions. Parkin's medley kicks off with a parody of "Shake It Off" ("I said you're lightning bolt's on fleek") before moving into "Welcome to New York," which becomes "Welcome to Hogwarts." From there, it's onto "Bad Blood," which in Potter world could only mean "Mud Blood." Hermione sings, "Cause Harry I'm just a mudblood. You-Know-Who's just got no love. I'll take my book and my wand. 'Cause Harry I'm just a mudblood (SNAPE!)." Next up is "Blank Space" — here, "I'm just a mudblood, Harry. I don't fear his name." At the end, Parkin combines all four songs into one genius mash-up. Taylor Swift should definitely take her on tour, and J.K. Rowling should totally hire her to write for the Harry Potter stage play (which we strongly suggest making a musical). Maybe recent Swift squad inductee, Emma Watson, can lend Parkin her Time Turner so she can do both.

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