A Film About PEZ Basically Proves That Hollywood Has Run Out Of Ideas

Photo: Courtesy Amazon UK.
We don't want to be naysayers because, okay, the LEGO movies are pretty awesome. But, in true Hollywood form, filmmakers are already starting to mine the retro-childhood-objects well dry. Case in point: The news that an animated film about PEZ is in the works. Yes, PEZ. The candy. With the snapping heads.

Deadline reports that Envision Media Arts has signed a deal with PEZ Candy, Inc. to create a children's film about their character-themed candy dispensers. At this rate, it's only a matter of time before Capri Sun pouches get a film deal and they put up casting notices for the Kool-Aid Man.

For those keeping track, this news comes on the heels of Adam Sandler's box office bomb Pixels, plus the recent announcement that Sony is making a film based on emojis. This is where we would put a thumbs down sign and the pile of poo symbol.

Far be it from us to tell Hollywood what to do, but perhaps producers would be better off spending more time referring to The Black List — a collection of amazing scripts just waiting to be greenlit — and less time in the checkout aisle.

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