Watch Anne Hathaway & Her New BFF in The Intern Trailer

According to the new The Intern trailer, retirement isn't really that different from post-grad unemployment — you try to start a hobby while desperately searching for an internship at a hot start-up.

In this case, the intern is an aging Ben Whittaker played by Robert De Niro, who quickly finds a place at his swanky new office (which also looks pretty similar to Refinery29's digs). A special friendship with Anne Hathaway's Jules Ostin — his super boss — blooms soon after.

It's nice to see Hathaway playing a strong female boss. Perhaps she learned something from her Devil Wears Prada days (though, minus the scary aspect)? The Intern stars every actor you love but don't quite remember the name of. It's that guy from Girls! The creeper who turns out to be kind of sweet in Pitch Perfect 2! Is that A-Aron?

The Intern
comes out on September 25th.

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