Scott Walker Doesn't "Know" President Obama Is Christian

Photo: Rex/REX USA
One of the big ironies of American politics still stands: Though the country was founded on religious freedom, we are, it seems, many years away from having a president who is not Christian. For some reason, even though he's halfway through his second term, President Obama's Christianity is still under debate in some circles, and it was just brought up again by Republican presidential candidate Governor Scott Walker at a G.O.P. fundraising event, according to the Washington Post.

"I don’t know. I presume he is," Walker said when asked on Saturday if Obama is a Christian reiterating an answer he'd given the Post in February. "But I've never asked him about that. As someone who is a believer myself, I don't presume to know someone's beliefs about whether they follow Christ or not unless I've actually talked with them."

Because of Obama's father's Muslim origins, some right-wing opponents have "accused" him of being secretly Muslim himself, though he was raised by his Christian mother. For the record, Obama has publicly declared that he is Christian. Last December, Politico ran a story that said the president does not attend church often and instead chooses to seek spiritual guidance in private.

On the surface, that statement could seem like Walker is giving the president the benefit of the doubt. But if someone says they are Christian, then the answer to the question of whether you think they are isn't "I don't know." It should be yes.

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