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Prepare to properly binge watch Netflix's highly-anticipated Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp reboot with a look back at the film that started it all, including 20 fun facts about the cult classic you don't already know. (Time Out New York)

"In that moment, I joined the ranks of a tribe of women who suffer from the scourge known as 'resting bitch face' or, increasingly, just RBF." Writer Jessica Bennett decodes the unintentional "permafrowns" that plague celebrities and mere mortals, alike. (The New York Times)

As more and more instances of police officers using unnecessary force continue to come to light, University of Massachusetts and Amherst psychology professor Ervin Staub makes the case for police training courses that teach officers to intervene when other officers are behaving inappropriately. (The Huffington Post)

In the wake of the tragic killing of Cecil the Lion, leading conservationists set the record straight on big game hunting — and no, despite claims to the contrary, it does not help with "population control." (Travel + Leisure)

"Regardless of your opinion [on millennials], be fretful over their economic well-being and fearful — oh so fearful — for their prospects. The most educated generation in history is on track to becoming less prosperous, at least financially, than its predecessors." Financier Steven Rattner breaks down the impact a slow economy paired with massive student loan debt is having on the millennial generation. (The New York Times)

Get an honest, and at times heart-wrenching, look at one man's choice to leave the strict Orthodox Judaism of his childhood behind. (The New Yorker)

47-years ago today, Franklin integrated the Peanuts comic strip after a Burbank school teacher reached out to creator Charles Schulz following the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King. (The Washington Post)

Is Cuba the new fashion frontier? Meet five talented Cuban designers whom you're sure to see more of now that relations between the United States and the island nation have thawed. (Vanity Fair)

There are more Sandra Blands than you know about. Find out about their lives and deaths. (Refinery29)


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