12 GIFs That Prove Kristen Wiig Is A Comic Genius

This month, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp star and overall comedy powerhouse Kristen Wiig will celebrate her birthday, but honestly, we don't need a reason to celebrate her. There should be a time every month set aside to honor the 41-year-old talent. If you've seen anything on the big or small screen over the past decade that's made you laugh, you've seen —and loved— something with Wiig.

Wiig can carry a television series for years (she was an SNL A-lister during her run on the show), and write/star in critical and box office hits (Bridesmaids forever), but, perhaps one of the truest signs of her comic genius is that she can make you laugh in a split second. Case in point: Wiig's hilarity translates perfectly into GIF form. In fact, Wiig is as prevalent to the comedy scene as she is to meme culture.

The Emmy and Oscar-nominated funny lady always makes us laugh, and these 12 GIFs prove that she's not only one of the best comedians of our time, but also a total genius.

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