Mia Farrow Criticized For Tweeting Lion Hunter Walter Palmer’s Address

Photo: MediaPunch/REX USA.
Since news surfaced of Cecil the lion's death at the hands (or, rather, firearm) of Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, much outrage has been directed Palmer's way. But did Mia Farrow go too far with her condemnation of the controversial hunter? In a tweet that has since been deleted, Farrow shared Palmer's work address. Many followers, however, believed her to be revealing his home address and chastised her for violating his privacy. "Are you trying to send a mob?" asked one angry Twitter user. Related: Stars fight back on Twitter To share Palmer's home address was viewed as reckless behavior. His work address, however, has already been made public, with outraged animal supporters leaving angry notes and stuffed animals outside the dental office's door. The information Farrow shared, therefore, wasn't new. Related: These celebs are animal-obsessed Though she did delete the tweet that caused the Twitter backlash, the actress and humanitarian did keep one controversial post intact. Here's a photo she shared of Donald Trump's oldest sons celebrating their own big cat kill. Just wait 'til The Donald sees this one. Related: Celebrities aren't afraid to pick fights
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