Prince George's $31K Treehouse Is Fit For A Well, You Know

Photo: Rex/REX USA.
Prince George's life is already pretty great. He's third in line for the throne of England. He lives in a palace. His cheeks are oh-so-pinchable. Never before have we coveted his royal existence, however, quite like we did when we saw the photos of his new treehouse. It is a DREAM TREEHOUSE. Well, technically, perVanity Fair, it's a "£20,000 [approximately $31,239] 'hand-made, artisan shepherd’s hut.'"

Whatever his posh Brit relatives need to call it, we are all in on George's outdoor playground. It resides in the Royal Gardens at Highgrove, which, of course, are on the grounds at Highgrove House, Prince Charles' private estate in Gloucestershire. The Daily Mail reports that the treehouse is named Hollyrood House after the Queen’s palace in Scotland, because when a treehouse costs over $30K, you know it needs an official name. It was also given that appellation because the structure was originally installed in a holly bush for Prince William's seventh birthday in 1989.

That holly bush has since died, so Charles refurbished Hollyrood House, and moved it to a new site for his grandson and granddaughter, Princess Charlotte. He also installed a "little bed, woodburner, and French oak wooden floors." This treehouse sounds nicer than 90% of apartments in NYC.

At press time, we can only hope that Hollyrood House will be available on Airbnb when not in use by Prince George and Princess Charlotte. (Vanity Fair)
Photo: Andrew Butler/Kensington Palace.

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