Here’s Everything Leaving Netflix In August

Cue up the Sarah McLachlan. It's time to pour one out for these Netflix greats. Come August, you'll no longer be able to stream them. What's pulling a vanishing act? Why, just one of your favorite love stories of all time.
Rose told Jack she'd never let go, but everyone will have to part from Titanic when it disappears from the 'flix on August 1. Your heart may go on, but your ability to stream the epic Kate Winslet/Leonardo DiCaprio flick will not. Watch it while you still can — i.e. before July is over. If you need a romantic fix in its absence, you can still stream other doomed-couple classics, like Ghost, while listening to Celine Dion.
Read on to find out what else you should watch before it exits Netflix forever come August.

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